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NEW WoW gold guide available!

Runescape is the second most popular MMORPG after World of Warcraft. The best way to increase your Runescape experience is to buy Runescape gold and then use this to get what you need at the Runescape Grand Exchange.

EVE Online is a niched game for science fiction fantasy with epic space battles. The currency to buy here is EVE ISK and it will help you get the ships and skills you need.

MMOwned Greets You!

MMOwned is an up and coming gaming website for all the MMO junkies out there.

We host clean forums and write articles about the developments of the MMO industry - One of the few industries that still persist the economic crisis. So far the only effect the crisis had on us were that fewer people can afford to buy their WoW Gold or RuneScape money off of chinese vendors and try to farm it themselves instead. And this is a change that most players like anyways.


But the most influential change that made people buy less Gold, ISK, Mesos and what not for real money is the fact that the gaming companies started banning the players that did it. Furthermore, competition on the market squeezed the prices and made more and more vendors use suppliers and subsuppliers from deeper china. This in turn decreased the level of service and increased the level of corruption, stolen accounts and banned players.

 Where this development will take us is till hard to say. The very fact that the total amount of sales across the MMORPG world decreased is an important clue, but in a business that is still growing despite the economic crisis, the amount of potential customers will continue to raise. How and when the chinese or others will come up with solid models to monetize this is only a question of time.

Site Updated
This site has ben kind of dead but it has just got a renovation and the forum will be activated soon. We will also actuall start to publish articles and you will be able to comment them as a if this site was a normal blog. So watch out for the updates and least but not last our list of new and promising MMORPGs and action RPGs that we will start to write regularly about. Check back soon!
Coming up soon is an insiders review of a new promising game, developed down under by a small startup company that has now become too large for its initial garage. The game promises competitive graphics, tasteful artwork and an interesting business model, built around an in-game shop of in-game items and other items. The developers also promise to focus on fan services like forums, trading areas, databases and character build calculators.


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